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Promiza IT solutions stand best for its product segments and technology. The core competance of Promiza is Web Based applications and infrsaturcture support. The dedicated team specialised in Web Based application make Promiza unique and first choice for developing such applications.

Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management is an integral part of a company’s operations. It affects every aspects of a business from employees job satisfaction to the financial stability of the company.
Our HRM software VSUPERHR meets the requirement of modern human resource management, its simplicity to use and sophistication of technology make it first choice for any size of companies.

Billing Solutions

The conventional computerized billing requires onsite installation and support, it is sometimes cumbersome and complex. The modern concept of computing is cloud computing and whole world scenario is changing to cloud computing, taking this path along Promiza developed cloud billing solution, making affordable and reliable to all segments.

Property Management System

Property Management System is developed for the management of all sized properties effectively and efficiently. The cloud based system helps to fulfill the requirements like customer relation, financial management, risk analysis and ROI. Our system is specially designed to automate and effectively manage the entire processes in a property management system.
The beauty of this system is very cost effective, easy to use from any location where internet is available.

Restaurant management System

The system helps to manage operation of small to mid sized restaurant and cafes. This has online ordering system and billing system. It is very useful for chain of restaurants or café, which can be remotely monitored and operated from central office or from any location.