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Hosting & Server Packages

Promiza offers various servers and hosting packages depending on business needs and sizes. It is mainly catogorised as dedicated server and cloud server. Dedicated servers comes with single core to multi core CPU and various RAM and HDD specifications. Promiza also offers various cloud server packages which makes easy and affordable to all type of business needs. We can install OS and applications as per customer requirements.

Dedicated Hosting

In the hosting industry dedicated hosting means applications hosted on a dedicated server or group of servers, a dedicated server refers to web or any other applications hosted in a server it's use restricted to one or very few applications relevant to one particular customer or it's associate company. In other words dedicated server is an exclusive server for one company or a group of companies under same managment. The use of dedicated server is mainly for web application, other online application and VOIP applications etc. Promiza can meet requirment of any kind of dedicated servers from single core to multi core with gigabit internet capacity. Availability of seamless bandwidth services makes Promiza the first choice for any kind of hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting service refers to web or other applications hosted on a server or group of servers and it's resources are shared by one to many clients. It is an affordable solutions to startup and mid sized companies. Shared hosting is very cost effective and easy to implement.

VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine, it is a product generated out of one or more dedicated server by virtualizing it's resources with the help of specialised software VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix etc. The advantage of having VPS is customer can have a server almost like dedicated server where as the cost is much cheaper than dedicated server. The use of VPS normally restricted to one application hosting.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are offered by cloud server establishment. Cloud server is formed by an array of virtualized servers backed by many dedicated servers. This is more similar to VPS however the reliability of this service is very high and perfomance as equal to dedicated servers. The resources to each cloud server is controlled by a software control panel and can be increased or decreased as per customer requirement time to time. The market leaders of this services are Amazon web services(AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The cloud services are mainly categorised as software as a services(SaaS), Infrastructure as a service(IaaS) and Platform as a service(PaaS). Promiza has various cloud services offering depending on customer requirements

Advantages of Our Services

High Performance

Performance of services and hardware is always monitored and ensured .

Everyday Backup

Promiza provides daily backup for critical applications also provide paid backup service.



Available 24/7 support by email IM and telephone.


Business Analysis

Right solution for right business. No compromise in quality and cost effectiveness